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Night of Insight, April 15, 2021

Miché Meizner Talks with Barb about Night of Insight

For a Good Laugh

Barb Talks about Love Loves Fear

Spiraling Toward Joy


Barb speaks at Ocean Unity, May 30, 2021

Do you choose to live through love instead of fear and yet find that the way isn’t always clear? Barb Ryan, the Guidess of Happiness is back on Miché Meizner’s radio show to share more uplfitment. While sounding the Tibetan singing bowl Barb brings forth the Spirit of Love, offering wisdom and insight regarding your questions and concerns.

December 2020 interview by Miché with Barb and several listeners who joined via phone and email, providing both Miché and Barb opportunities for ‘in the moment’ teaching and coaching.

Barb Talks with Kris Steinnes about Empowerment in Joy

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Barb Ryan, the Guidess of Happiness, has been a counselor for over 20 years. In recent years, she has been changing the world, one person at a time, by teaching Happiness classes and workshops. Barb is dedicated to this work of teaching people how to raise their energy/vibration to a more joyful experience no matter what they are feeling or what is happening in their life or in the world. She believes that the purpose of life is to be happy.

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(541) 345-5058


(541) 345-5058