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Photo by Susan Detroy,

Photo by Susan Detroy

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony expresses your deep love and the commitment to the path you envision together. The power of the words written in the ceremony continue to build upon the foundation you have created. I have a variety of ceremonies from which to choose. Using one of these ‘templates,’ we then blend your feelings and dreams, promises and hopes into the perfect ceremony that speaks to your hearts.

Let’s Celebrate!

Barb Ryan, Officiant, Celebrant, Non-Denominational Minister


I’m Barb Ryan, a non-denominational minister and wedding officiant in Eugene. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! A wedding ceremony is a joyous celebration of your love, and there are many important decisions to consider when planning your ceremony. Choosing a wedding officiant is one of them. I have had the honor and great joy of planning and performing ceremonies for many wonderful couples since 2001.

As an ordained officiant, I believe that everyone deserves to unite in marriage and to have the perfect ceremony. My experience and background spans a diversity of ceremony styles, including traditional weddings, sacred circles, handfastings, renewal of vows, and commitment ceremonies.

Each ceremony is unique and designed with both of you so that it reflects your values, spirit, and vision.

During the planning process, I will get to know the two of you in depth in order to incorporate all the personal elements that will make your day special.

Free Consultation

I will meet with you both for a free one hour consultation. Then we meet again after I have sent you some questions, and talk about how you want the ceremony to be between the two of you: What you say to each other, what you gift each other, what music is played, who else speaks or reads a passage, who hands you the rings, and the order of things. I help you to craft a ceremony that is uniquely you, and then I handle the details so that on the day of the wedding you can focus on enjoying the day

I look forward to hearing from you and bringing your dream day to life! You can reach me by phone at (541)345-5058, or email me via the form below and I will get right back to you.  I am also available to travel and perform ceremonies anywhere along the west coast. Our initial conversation is offered at no charge.

Weddings, Blessings, Celebrations

All beliefs and traditions are welcome

The Planning Process:

We meet initially to discuss your needs, in person or over the phone, to give you an opportunity to ask questions, to discuss costs, and to get acquainted. This introductory meeting is offered at no charge. Planning the ceremony usually requires three basic steps:

  • Getting to know you and your partner and your desires for the special day
  • Understanding the roles others will play – children, family members, friends, pets
  • Planning the ceremony logistics with you and others

Although you may not have answers to any of these questions right now, and it’s just fine if you don’t, some people prefer to have a list of things to think about before meeting.

The Ceremony:

Here are some questions to ponder before the wedding day. Some may not be relevant or important to you, I include them all as food for thought. Let me know what you would like. Download Planning Your Wedding Ceremony.

1. Procession – Will you each be entering from different part of the courtyard? entering together? or separate. Is there music you’d like played as you come in or in the beginning? Will the wedding party be part of the procession?

2. Do you want the witnesses standing or sitting on either side of you? Their role is to sign the papers at the end of the ceremony

3. Welcome – This is where I welcome you both and the witnesses and any others you’ve invited to the wedding ceremony of (what order for your names)? anything else you’d like me to say here?

The next three parts can be in any order you’d like:

4. I ask you each “Will /Do you (name) lawfully wed (name)? ” order of names. Wording?

5. Vows – Do you each want to say or read anything to each other? Do you want the vows said as you exchange rings?

6 Exchange – Do you want to exchange anything as a token of your love and
 commitment to each other? (Rings?) Usually done with vows.

7. I will say: “By the authority vested in me by the state of Oregon, I now pronounce you lawfully _______”  (What would you like me to say here? Example: spouses, wives, partners for life, your names). This phrase is what makes your marriage legal in Oregon.

8. Would you like me to say, “You may now kiss?”
9. Witnesses and I will sign marriage certificate and I will deliver it to Lane County.

Pre-marriage Counseling:

I can provide pre-marriage counseling to help with the transition to married life, to work through issues, or to help deal with the stress of planning a wedding!

Barb Ryan

  • Minister, ordained by the Hearth of the Dancing Drum
  • MS in Counseling
  • Over 30 years in private practice
  • Ten years as life coach and inspirational speaker


  • Weddings
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Anniversary Celebrations
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  • Pre-marital Counseling


"Our wedding is the best one we’ve ever attended! Barb was very supportive of our unique, non-traditional ceremony. We received exactly what we wanted from her as our officiant."

Victoria Destiny Walker

"From our first conversation with Barb up to the day of our wedding, Barb Ryan was always attentive, responsive, thorough, flexible and completely fantastic to work with! Her knowledge and experience combined with her gentle touch had us totally confident that everything on her end of our planning would go off without a hitch and it did."

Mike and Stacy Kaufman

"The wedding was so wonderful! Barb led the really fun and inclusive ceremony with great love and skill."

Libi Kavanaugh

"We wanted a quick and simple ceremony in Yachats. Barb met with us before the wedding and asked us some great questions about our relationship and how we wanted the ceremony to go and what we wanted her to do, how we wanted her to dress, and was very conscientious and thoughtful in her planning. We provided her the vows and she was just lovely at the ceremony, exuding quiet joy, which was a perfect mood for our celebration. She handled all the paperwork and made everything go very smooth. We had spent a lot of time looking for an officiant and we are so grateful that Barb was recommended to us."

Leah and Paul

"I highly recommend Barb for the beauty and joy that she brings to a wedding."

Kathy Marshall

"Barb has helped guide us through challenging times: premarital counseling, planning a wedding, planning a family, and coaching us through life's struggles. She has many amazing qualities, but one thing I appreciate is she listens without judgement. She offers advice in a way that makes you feel like you are talking to a friend. "

Bo Malaythong

Contact Barb:


(541) 345-5058


(541) 345-5058